Fun Halloween Poll

Hello Everyone;

It is that time of year again…the leaves are falling, the air is a bit crisp, and it is almost time for the day of all days for those who love Halloween.

Children, young and old dressing up…or dressing down…for the big event. everyone putting up decorations, both scary and fun!

I have children who love the creepy, scary things, and I have to admit, it’s a bit fun to have a little scare, now and then.  I know you have to be careful with the little ones…they usually like the fun ghosts and witches.  So it is baffling, as to how to come to a happy medium with the decorations, and or treats.

Of course you cannot do the things you could do  years ago…you know the time…when you could make candy apples, popcorn balls, cookies etc., and give them out with a cup of hot chocolate or cider.   Now days, you need to have everything wrapped.  I know as a Mother myself, I check every piece of candy before they can open and eat anything, (I know what you are thinking…I save the good ones for myself…well…who doesn’t?) and that is hard to keep them from eating a bit on the walk around the neighborhood.

My children love pumpkins…usually for the seeds inside…but they always loved to decorate them, or carve them.  I cannot decide which I like more…carving or painting.  They have so many fun paints now, that painting is fun…and there are so many fun tools to carve, that is equally enjoyable.

So there is the dilemma…What do you prefer to do?

Our Poll of the Month….

I will keep you updated on the poll and it’s progress.

To let you know the results of the one for the seasons…We had only 4 votes…summer and fall were tied!

Have a fun Halloween season…however you celebrate it, and…..

Have a Great Reading Day!!!

M. P. Little


New Book Released Today

Hello Everyone;

I just completed my second book for publication on Smashwords. The book is titled… Hard Work pays off.  It is a story about a boy named Shawn and his brothers.  Their Mom is letting them use the Garage in the home they just moved into, as a “Man Cave,” something Shawn is very excited about.  The problem is, he is having trouble getting his brothers to be just as happy about it as he is.

Book Cover

Check it out, there is a sampling on Smashwords the link is  …  You may have to copy and paste it.

You can also find the first book…Peek-A-Boo Cloud on Smashwords as well.

Here is the cover for that one…..

Peek-A-Boo Cloud – Book Cover

I really appreciate all those who have helped me.  I welcome any questions or comments (good or bad…they all help) about my books, blog, etc., I want to make this as fun for all of you as it is for me!!!
Have a Great Reading Day!!!!!

M. P. Little





When the Thief Escapes

Hello Everyone;

I know it has been a few days since my last post.  Sorry about that, I have been trying hard to catch up with the dreaded thief…who escapes with more words than he is allowed to, in my opinion of course.

Stop him from escaping

Let’s band together to stop the Thief from escaping with our words.

So I am on a search to see how others deal with this escapee.  I know that it does not only happen to those of us who like to be called writers.  It happens frequently to anyone…when you are writing, emails, notes to a loved one, papers at school, and much worse…when you are actually speaking those words.

I know you all know what I mean.  I tell you, for the past three days, it seems that most of my words were taken by the thief, and today, I was on the phone with my brother, when it attacked him, (and he is a police officer) so nobody is safe from the elusive thief.

I can say that I have a few good things to tell you, one; I did finally find some words to use, I will re-read them tomorrow to see if they make sense or if I need to work harder to find the escape artist, who seems to slither into a dark alley and never be heard from again, until he needs more words.

Second; I found the inspiration for those words in….yes…I’m actually going to admit this…the bathroom!  Okay, it’s out, I have textured walls, and when you are in there, at times, your mind wanders…much like looking at clouds and seeing so many things in them.  Well, I saw something in the wall, ( and my next post may be from a room with padded walls…wonder what I can see in them?) and it inspired the thief to bring some words back.

So, I know you have all dealt with this dreaded kleptomaniac, who kidnaps and holds hostage our words, and I believe we must band together and stop him from our ability to meet deadlines, send letters, write a note, or just plain speak to one another.

If you have any ideas…please feel free to post them and share them with your fellow writers and speakers.

Have a Great Reading Day;

M. P.  Little

Writing in “Real Life”

Writing in “Real Life”.

This is a Great Blog!!   This post tells us, in other words, to NEVER GIVE UP!  Especially when it comes to your dreams.

I like so many others really need this one.  Thanks for posting it!

M.P. Little

Wonderful Books to Read

Hello Everyone;

Well, it is Friday the 5th, Halloween Month…Fun, Fun, Fun!

I thought I would start by telling you about a few books I have read or am currently reading.

I will begin with the Children’s books that I like (as this is my blog and I am a children’s author), then I will give you one that I am currently reading.  The latter will be for adults only.

The first children’s book that I like is…Funny Numbers Count With Us.  This is a very cute book.  It rhymes and children love that.  I know that I always learned best when I could do it in rhymes.  As a matter of fact, I still do that today, if I need to remember something.  So start them early with this book by Beata Noemi Balint.  This is wonderfully written and has the children counting along, on their fingers, then in fun other ways, and finally it repeats.  We all know that being able to do things more than once, really helps.

So, I believe you will all like Funny Numbers Count With Us. By Beata Noemi Balint.  You can find it at…The Kindle Store…The Blog for this book is

The Second children’s book that I like, is Garbage!  Monster! Burp!  By Tom Watson.  I really loved this one.  fun story, and a message that he sneaks in there…the children will never know he is making a point, they will just realize that is something good.  He wrote and illustrated this one, and did a Fantastic job!

I found this one on Kindle as well, and there it is Free.  I know that he I know that he founded an internet company…and you can find more information on all his books, and others at:

The Third book is titled  – Nellie Green the Jelly Bean by E. F. Clark.

What a cute twist on a character…These characters are Jelly Beans, and I can tell you, even as an adult (some would differ) I really enjoyed it.

I teaches a lesson about people being different and it is okay!  I think all children will love this book.

Mr. Clark offered this book for free, and if you like it, there are others for only 99 cents.  So much fun, for under a dollar.

You can find Nellie Green the Jelly Bean at and here is the link…

You will be very happy if you read this book.

The Fourth book is not only fun, but is written by a child…she is 6 years old (possibly 7 now) and her name is Abby Edelman.

You will love this one.  it is fun, it is Free, it is on Smashwords as well, and I think we should support her.  I believe if we do, she will continue with her talent and  you never know, she may one day change the world.

You can link to her page at…

Okay…the moment you have waited for…A book for the Adults out there.

I was reading a blog by: Michelle Proulx. She has a blog and you can find it at:

It is a great blog, and Michelle gave such a glowing review that I could not resist.  I purchased it on Kindle and it is $4.99.

The book Michelle wrote about is titled:  Acceptance, by Keri Peardon.  I have not finished this one yet, but if you like Vampire books, then I believe you will like this one.   As I was reading, I was surprised to find that I was hooked  from the beginning.  It is well written, and I can’t wait to finish it.  I couldn’t wait till I finished it to let you know about it.  I do believe you will all like it.

You can find Keri’s book at Smashwords….

Keri also has a blog and that is…

Please check it out…It is fun…especially, as I said, if you like vampires, and vampire books.

Well, I hope you had fun with this one, and I really hope you will check out all the books and sites I have told you about today.

Remember that I have a poll going on, it was in the last post titled Just Something Fun.  Check that out and take the poll, I am excited to see what the outcome of the poll will be. I will keep you up to date on how it goes.

Take it easy, enjoy the fall weather, and get ready for the Halloween festivities.

Have a Great reading day!

M. P. Little

Just Something Fun!

Thought I would try something fun.  Hope you like it.

Have a Great Reading Day!

M. P. Little


New Adventure 2nd book

Hello Everyone;

I have been hard at work (if you can call it that) today on the second book that will be available on Smashwords.

It will be ready within the week, that is if everything goes well with the illustrator. He is hoping to have them ready tomorrow…if that is so, then by Friday the next book “Hard Work Pays Off” will be available.

The book is about a young boy who wants to get a “Man Cave” set up in their new house, but is having trouble getting his brothers to help.  Read the story to find out how he is finally able to do it.  The story is for all ages if they like to hear a story read to them or are children at heart.  But for those children who will be reading it themselves, I’d say 7 and up, depending on their reading abilities.  Some may even be able to enjoy it at a younger age.

I am working on that Halloween book as well, and the other book “Colorful Friends” is taking a bit longer than expected.  I’d like to have more illustrations, and I’m hoping to convince my illustrator to comply.  We’ll see, but I think everyone will like it as well.

Let me know if you like them.  Remember Peek-A-Boo Cloud is already at Smashwords… Please check it out.  I’m attaching the link to my page.

Have a Great Reading Day!

M.P. Little

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